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WPSApp Apk is a Wi-Fi hacking app that checks if your network has a secure connection through the WPS protocol. The app works on the WPS protocol that allows you to connect to a WiFi network using an 8-digit pin number. The pin number is usually predefined in the router, and the problem is that the pin of many routers from different companies is known and the app knows how to calculate it. WPSApp makes use of these pins to try the connection and check if the network is vulnerable by implementing several known algorithms for the generation of the pins and some default pins. Also, the wifi hacking app, WPSApp will calculate the default key for some routers, and it even allows you to view the WiFi passwords you have stored on the device.

WPSApp Apk
The app scans for networks around, and list all the available ones. The networks indicated with red cross are secure networks, and they have disabled the WPS protocol, and the default password is unknown. Those with a green tick are vulnerable, and they have the WPS protocol enabled, and the pin required to connect to the network is known. Whenever the pin or password is unknown, but WPS protocol is enabled, the WPSApp Apk lets you try out the most common. Note that to connect with the pin you need to have ROOT device, only then the network password will be showed, if not WPSApp will connect to the network but can not show it. It gets enabled or disabled depending on the situation of each terminal.

Features of WPSApp Apk
Checks for WPS Protocol: WPSApp Apk scans for the network with WPS protocol. The WPS Protocol enabled networks will be protected with the pins. The wifi hacker app can hack any WPS-enabled network quickly. The app even checks if your network is a secure connection with WPS protocol.

Checks for Vulnerability: The predefined pin number will be available on the router, and WPSApp calculates the pin and checks for the vulnerability or weak connection with several known algorithms. Once found this wifi hacker application lets you connect to that network.

Smart Scanning: WPSApp has a smart scanning feature and it first scans for the available networks with both the WPS enabled and disabled features.

Red Cross: The networks indicated in the red cross are the secure networks, but the network has disabled the WPS protocol. So the default password is unknown. However, WPSApp Apk connects with that network through the algorithms.

Green Cross: The network with the green tick are vulnerable, and they have the WPS protocol enabled, and the pin required to connect to the network is known. It is the weak network and establishing the connection with such type of network is easy.

Rooted Device: To connect with the pin, WPSApp must be installed on the rooted device, only then the password will be displayed for your further reference.

No Root Device: If WPSApp is installed on no root device then the password will not be shown but will connect you to the vulnerable network.

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